February 19, 2017

March 16, 2016

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January 23, 2017

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Healing Hands

February 19, 2017



Recently I had the pleasure of meeting another therapist who was very like minded and we had a wonderful chat over lunch about the benefits of Hands on Therapies.   This hit home for me as I am a firm believer in the healing benefits of touch therapies for both the physical and mental health of my clients.  I even wrote my thesis on the subject and had such a remarkable response about the content.


This meeting prompted me to really think about what more I can be doing for my clients to help with their stress levels and physical well being as well as what I need to do to make sure I don't get run down or fatigued in doing so. 


This made me desperately home sick for an amazing training facility that I had the opportunity to attend located in Kin Kin in Queensland that teach Ka Huna Massage.  


The first time I saw a video of this style of massage I was mesmerised by the movement and fluidity of it.  I knew I needed to learn this magical temple style massage and didn't at the time realise the impact it would have not only on me but also on the clients that would receive it.  


I have always thought that as a therapist it is our primary goal to help our clients, but what I didn't realise was the importance of ensuring that the therapist themselves remains healthy happy and healed in their own right.  I had never really considered the impact that the clients have on me and how it not only causes fatigue but more importantly the overwhelming benefits that they can have on us.  I realised that I rely on my clients for that human interaction as much as they rely on me.


This brings me back to the Ka Huna massage technique and the remarkable journey I undertook to learn it and now have the honour of providing to my clients.  


This style of massage is a holistic approach to healing and massage therapy.  It is not only working on the physical needs of the client but the emotional and spiritual needs as well.  During the 90min, yes that's right 90 minute massage you undergo quite the experience.  I have never been one to relax whilst having a massage and can even find performing one quite taxing on me.


I tend to find myself constantly thinking about what the next movement will be and the next sore muscle that may be activated and sometimes I even find myself working out a mental shopping list.  Needless to say not a very relaxing experience for me......  The very first Ka Huna massage I had was a little confronting for me as I had no idea what to expect or what movement was next or what muscle would be activated and therefore had no time to think about life in general.  The therapist seemed to be able to move fluidly from the top of my body to the tips of my toes in one smooth movement and before I knew it was moving to the other side.  It was mezmerising and hypnotic and I had completely surrendered myself to the safe care of my therapist and had the most calming and restful sleep.  One minute I am aware of my surroundings and the next I had drifted off into the most relaxed state I have ever experienced.  For my nearest and dearest they know that I am not one to relinquish control especially of my surroundings and for my gorgeous massage buddy to give me a safe and supportive environment to allow myself to fully let go and just enjoy my massage was a true gift.  


Clearly I was completely sold the moment I was woken up.  Can't be sure if I was snoring or dribbling but it is very likely.  Regardless, I was assured that I slept like and angel and definitely didn't dribble (nothing mentioned about the snoring so fair chance that happened).  After I had regained my senses it was my turn to provide this service for my buddy.  Not as easy as it sounds when you felt like you've had had a valium and are walking around in a drug induced haze.


Well I had the most amazing time.  This massage to me was like performing a dance so coming from a dance background this was ideal.  I was able to move effortlessly around the massage table and got into a real rhythm with out ever having to stop the flow of the movement.  It kept me engaged with the client and the treatment throughout and therefore my complete attention was on the process.


I seriously had never had this experience with conventional styles of massage and I had certainly never experienced an array of emotion just from having a massage.  Of the week long retreat I cried and laughed and slept my way through massage after massage.  It wasn't till we were discussing the impact we can have on our clients that it really dawned on me the impact we truly have on each other through our every day interactions.  It really only take a moment to make someones day just a much as a moment can crush you. 


I have had so many wonderful clients benefit from this treatment and hope to continue my learning journey with this style later in the year where I will then be able to provide and safe and nurturing environment to my pregnant clients with pregnancy massage.


If you haven't had the opportunity to have a Ka Huna massage or want to hear more about I would love to chat.


Peta xo













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