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March 16, 2016

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January 23, 2017

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To Prime or not to Prime

June 15, 2016




There are different trains of thought on the subject of priming before applying your makeup and both have good arguments. I am of the opinion that if the skin is well cleansed and hydrated before makeup is applied then the finished product will be great. In saying that some of the primers on the market are designed to act as a barrier and not much more.


Being a skin professional and concentrating on the health of the clients skin has led me to source products that will not only help the health of their skin, but also help to give the most optimal results for makeup application especially for special occasions.


In trying to find the best option to both of these requirements I have put together some amazing combinations of products that are getting me great results and maintaining the health of my clients skin at the same time.


Some of my clients must think that I have a strange makeup kit as the first thing I bring out is a bag full of cleansers, moisturisers and other specialised treatment products as it is my strong belief that your makeup will not look its best if the skin beneath is not happy and healthy.

So in saying that I have put together a little list of the prep and prime routines for different skin combinations. I haven’t listed one product that I use for all skin as the initial cleanse as it truly is a must have in anyones skin routine. Pre cleanse is a go to product to remove all traces of surface oil, dryness, makeup and residue. I use it on everyone including sensitive clients.


Dry and Ageing skin:


1) Cleanse - Essential Cleansing Solution. This is a rich and creamy cleanser that will leave the skin hydrated and smooth.

2) Booster - Skin Hydrating Booster. To add a rush of concentrated hydration to the skin

3) Moisturise - Intensive Moisture Balance. this gorgeous moisturiser is light weight weight but packs a punch leaving the skin smooth and plump.

4) Primer - Skin Perfect Primer spf 30. Lastly I apply my last line of defence for the skin by way of a cosmeceutical primer that is specifically designed for this skin type. It is packed full of enriching vitamins and cosmeceutical agents to keep treating the skin and protecting it from any products placed over the top of it. This product has a slight tint to it to counteract any pigmentation that appears of the skin and add yet another layer of hydration to the skin.

With this combination I am able to get a smooth finish that is fresh and dewy without leaving the skin looking contested and exaggerating fine lines and wrinkles.


Oily Skin with breakouts:


1) Cleanse - Special Cleansing Gel or Skin Purifying wipes. I find that if the skin is quite oily or breakouts are present, there is the need for a cleanser that is a little more active. Special Cleansing Gel is an all rounder for all skin types, but the Skin Purifying Wipes are much more active and help to be actively treating any breakouts that are still happening on the skin which will intern reduce the appearance of them.

2) Booster - Special Clearing Booster or Clearing Mattifier. both of these products provide an active treatment for breakout or oily prone skin. they are both going to continue treating the skin for any concerns whilst also preparing the skin for gorgeous makeup application.

3) Moisturiser - Oil Control Lotion. This product works by inhibiting the sebaceous gland that produces the oil to aid in the reduction of the amount of surface oil, as well as continuing to treat and heal the skin with amazing ingredients such as tea tree and sage. This leaves the skin hydrated without adding any more oil to the surface of the skin.

4) Primer - Redness Relief Primer. This is by far my favourite product for skin that has any signs of inflammation or redness and with breakouts on the face there is always some redness present. this gorgeous product has a mis of Indian Herbs and the Ultra Calming Complex to help not only diffuse the redness but actively reduce the inflammation by treating it at the source. I absolutely love love love this product and never leave home without it. It give the skin a rush of hydration as well as providing a physical barrier to protect the skin from any of the product getting trapped in the pores and causing further irritation.


Combination Oily Skin:


1) Cleanse - Special Cleansing Gel. Special Cleansing Gel is an all rounder for all skin types and will thoroughly cleanse a combination oily skin without stripping it or adding in any additional oil components to the skin leaving it smooth and feeling clean and relaxed.

2) Booster - Skin Hydrating Booster. To add a rush of concentrated hydration to the skin because even though there is oil present in the skin it can skin get very dehydrated creating a patchy look to your makeup.

3) Moisturiser - Active Moist. This is one of the best all round moisturisers for combination Oily skin types as it is highly hydrating as well as being light weight.

4) Primer -Hydra Blur Primer. This revolutionary primer is packed with so many cosmeceutical ingredients and light reflecting technology it is hard to list them. It evens out skin tone and neutralises pigmentation, fine lines and pores. But its main makeup saving ingredient is Abyssinian Oil to help provide intense, sustained release moisturisation that locks in the hydration levels. This is a must have especially for combination skin types.


I know this seems like a lot of work but I will always stand by my belief that if the skin beneath the makeup is nourished and cared for first then the end makeup result will always be at its best. With the help of products that I truly believe in and personally use on myself I find I get the best possible result for not only myself but for my clients as well.


If I had to give my favourite primer product the I would be agonising for ever trying to weigh up the pros and cons of each. They are all wonderful and unique in themselves and targeted at specific skin types and conditions. So I suggest you find the best one for your skin and start with that.


Happy skin, happy therapist xoxoxo



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